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Integration - Sketch Dump 19 by vegechan Integration - Sketch Dump 19 by vegechan
YET ANOTHER Integration SKETCH DUMP of RANDOMNESS because I am RANDOM CRAP WOMAN!!! Noes! I am a dummy! 

A lot going on :iconmegustaplz:. :P (pretty self-explanatory) oh oh! Who's that scruffy looking old bad ass motherfucker with the serious face?! NEW FACE PERSON! Erie Lindemann's father, Gustav Lindemann!! I dig me some scruffy srs face :P Bucktooth 

hey, hey! Royce and family picture! The mumphries, YAY!

aww...Erie with a buzzed haircut, don't be sad, Freakazoid shows up to be goofy, tell you everything's fine and makes you smile and laugh! He can fix anything and be all like, Laugh with me jocko, LAUGH WITH ME!! Nh'HEEEE!

...Frustrated Anubis-Duncan is FRUSTRATED :iconffplz:!!! 

>_>; ...if looks were daggers.. :iconinglipplz:.Candlejack is burning holes into your souuul! :icondarkrageplz:

:noes: oh NOES! Frankie is having growing pains with his super awesome powers and ends up destroying his clothes and anything else within a specific radius (thankfully, no one is seriously hurt. They were smart enough to run far away when things started to go sideways. They're just shocked and a bit overwhelmed)! I don't think anyone will mess with Frankie anymore. He's unstable and a ticking time bomb waiting to blow (like now) and Vance (Frankie's best friend/boyfriend) wishes he could help more! NO worries, SUPER DAD FREAKAZOID TO THE RESCUE :icontearyguyplz:! He helps Frankie control himself and after Frankie is safe and temporarily unconscious, Freak is NOT happy at whoever goaded his son to lose control. Better watch out! Angry freak dad is ready to get down to dish out some aggro!!!

okay, I'm done with being weird now...

^^; I'm REALLY hyper tonight! :itrollu: by Kyu-Neko

Freakazoid, Freakazette (aka my OC Erie Lindemann), Duncan Douglas, Cave Guy aka Royce Mumphries, Audrey Mumpries aka Cobra Queen, Candlejack, Professor Roland Heiney / Freakazoid! © Warner Bros & Stephen Spielberg, John McCann, Paul Rugg, and all the staff of dreamworks

Erie Lindemann, Morgan Douglas, Vance McCartney, Frankie Zoid (son of Freakazoid and Erie Lindeman, aka Freakazette), Aaron Mumphries, human face of Candlejack, Anubis form of Duncan Douglas, Gustav Lindemann (father of Erie Lindemann) © Me :iconvegechan:
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Tie-Dyed-Trickster Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014
…Duncan looks kinda really super-amazing all hairy like that… It's always fun to see Audrey and Cave-Guy (whose real name has momentarily slipped my mind) in your style, especially with their family. They are a truly adorable couple. And, oh, poor Frankie. Puberty and high school are hard enough without superpowers…
vegechan Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, I really don't draw Royce Mumphries aka Cave Guy ;) and Audrey with their family enough! I should do that more :P then again, I want to draw a lot more of everyone so I'm making some headway... As for Frankie, yeah, life is rough when you're an overpowered Freakazoid :P Oh and as for your love of a fuzzy Duncan, yeah, I'm having a serious love-affair with him in my sketch book lately and there's much more of the fuzzy cuteness coming soon in a sketch dump specific to him and the series of the "Conundrum of Duncan Douglas" drawings. I also love that Duncan is now struggling with abilities of his own. It's really brought him down off his high horse a great deal and given him a time to reflect on himself and his life and learn a little humility. Also, it's done wonders for his relationship with his brother. They've grown a lot closer since Duncan laid hands on the Anubis scepter - so in a sense, it was the both the worst and best thing that ever happened to him and reflecting back, he wouldn't change that for the world. :)
Tie-Dyed-Trickster Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014
...right, Royce. Sorry, Royce.
(grins) Duncan is adorable in the Anubis form, and I'm especially loving the long hair and beard he's rocking in those other sketches! It's never gonna stop being interesting to me, just how much Duncan's story has shifted since I first heard about it. I love the character development he's gone through/is going through - that's something you seem to do a really good job at, having characters grow beyond their roles in the show and into real people. It's really neat! ^^
vegechan Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awww. *blush* thanks! and oh, I'm so glad you approve of the changes I've made to Duncan and the other characters. That means SO MUCH to me, you have NO idea! *squee* :meow: I was actually a little nervous to post the long haired bearded version of Duncan because I really did the facial hair as it is now (and I've tried that look in past sketches of him but my style hadn't quite developed enough yet and it seemed 'off' to me, so I tossed it aside). But, even though Duncan doesn't physically age, he's still maturing mentally and I figured later on the beard and longer hair just shows that he's really grown out of jock persona and fleshed out as a mature and intelligent individual. He's done a lot of growing up on his own but starting out as a single father, struggling to nurture his relationship with Paige (when he's really gun shy about committing to a relationship after the epic failure with Morgan's mother) Having a daughter and him and his brother sharing the responsibilities of raising Morgan along with Frankie and generally being a big part of Freak family and all the other extended kin that have been adopted into the group... well yeah, I just wanted to show SOMETHING about him that had really grown as a man that he's still very young at heart but he's wisened and cooled off that temper of his considerably. ...much more humble... sorry, I know I'm rambling and one long paragraphy worthy of a novel but I can't help myself. You understand me and this story like no one else does.
Tie-Dyed-Trickster Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014
^///^ Not to start an infinite 'no, you the man!' loop, but the fact that my opinion matters to you so much means a lot to me, too! Every time I see a new bit of Integration art or story, a little bit of me whispers 'and you're part of it, just a little bit, because you helped edit and stuff. You're a little bit part of this magnificent epic.' And having heard some of the crap you've had to go through, and the difficulties you've had with the story, and how you've persevered and kept writing and growing and stuff... it's honestly a little hard not to go crazy in these notes, because it really feels a bit like talking to a rock star, only cooler, because I don't actually have much interest in real rock stars. So feel free to ramble away, because I'm sitting here going 'omg, she's talking to me!!!' ;P I know we used to talk a fair bit when I was beta-ing for you, but it's been awhile, and the starstruck-ed-ness has built up again. (to heck with the real world, half my heroes are right here on dA!)

The beard and hair look so good on Duncan. So good. He's got this sorta rugged-mountain-man/sensei vibe going - it really looks like he's grown up a lot. And I know just how much a beard can age a guy  my dad grew a mustache for the same reason, and, when I was in middle school, he decided to shave it off. He looked like he was in his mid-twenties (which he most certainly was not (and we made him grow it back, because he looked weird without it. Not bad, just... not like Dad anymore)). The beard gives him a sense of dignity and gravitas, with a little 'hot older dude' thrown in for good measure (which will immediately be replaced with 'you're HOW old again?' if he ever shaves it off. :P) Also, gotta love the extended Zoid family - especially since about 90% of them are reformed villains!
student-yuuto Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014
Freak dad is best dad ;U;;;; <333333
cowcat44 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
The emotion that comes through in your work is amazing and has always fascinated me!!!
These sketches are great. Keep up the great work:worship:
Oh that :iconitrolluplz:is hilarious as well.
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