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April 6
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Integration - Paige McCartney - Profile 2014 by vegechan Integration - Paige McCartney - Profile 2014 by vegechan
Paige McCartney

Voice: Zoey Deschanel

Yeah, you're not seeing things. There's two pyros in the mix. ...and yes, if you must know, Paige intentionally wears special made fire resistant clothing to prevent burning everything she wears every time she uses her powers. that'd suck, you know... Also, while her cousin's hair/eyes and fire are blue, her eyes went gold and most of her dark hair changed and started growing in red-orange, which is the color of her fire. She is capable of summoning blue fire like Vance, but it tends to use up a lot of her energy to do so. 

Paige is related to Integration - Vance McCartney - New Profile 2014 by vegechan they're cousins. Vance's father's brother, is the father of Paige. She's older than Vance and when he developed his pyro powers (which seems to run in the family), she took him under her wing and they learned more about their abilities together. :) 

...and yeah, Paige later becomes Duncan's girlfriend after Freakazoid asks Vance if his cousin is single and decides to play match maker. After a fairly long courtship, Duncan and Paige do eventually tie the knot and Paige officially become Morgan's step-mother. Thankfully, after Morgan confronted Paige (when she and Duncan first started dating), questioning what her intentions are for her father, Morgan decides she likes her very much and is satisfied with Paige's responses. The fact that Paige makes her father very happy means the world to her. :P Morgan's a tough cookie and she's very protective of her father even though her dad doesn't really need any help with protection, she's his daughter and it's her job to give everyone who bothers him the third degree. Like father like daughter. 

as you can see, based on my very first drawing of Paige, I've made quite an overhaul on her appearance.

Related Art (in scraps): Integration_Match Maker by vegechan

Vance McCartney, Paige McCartney, Morgan Douglas © Me

Freakazoid, Duncan Douglas © Warner Bros & Stephen Spielberg, John McCann, Paul Rugg, and all the staff of dreamworks
UnluckyNumberXIII Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She's great! Glad to see you kept bits of her original design. :) 
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